The Philippe Fund U.S. Equities, LLC seeks to identify established American growth stocks that we believe are trading at discounts to their intrinsic value. We employ a four stage investment process:

  • Selection of investment themes favoring steadily growing sectors with a clear competitive environment and barriers to entry. We prefer to avoid sectors that are too young, industries that are undergoing deregulation whose consequences are difficult to assess, or those whose competitive position and profitability are likely to be undermined by technological disruption.
  • Selection of a universe of approximately 200 companies for which the investment team maintains long-term financial models.
  • Valuation of securities, including discounted cash flow and relative multiple ratio analysis.
  • Portfolio construction concentrated on 30 to 50 stocks.

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Top positions

  1. Mercury Systems
  2. Alphabet
  4. Medtronic
  5. Zoetis
  6. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  7. Ecolab
  8. Home Depot
  9. Allegion
  10. RPM International

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