Since 1931, FOURPOINTS has provided long-only equity investment advisory services to U.S. and European-based individuals and institutions.

Founded by Raymond Philippe with research offices in New York & Paris, the firm created the first European-based global investment fund (Union Internationale de Placements in Luxembourg). Since then, under the successive leadership of Raymond’s son Pierre and now his granddaughter Béatrice, FOURPOINTS has operated like a boutique multi-family office, managing global equities in long-only strategies across various sectors and a wide range of market capitalizations for high-net-worth clients with the long-term goal of capital preservation and appreciation. The firm’s specialty is U.S and European equities.

Conviction-based portfolio management

Our global investment team uses in-house research to identify and invest in growth stocks within selected investment themes to capture global trends that offer long-term opportunity. Our portfolio managers practice fundamental stock picking with the capacity to capture value and deliver growth, constructing opportunistic, non-benchmarked portfolios while managing stock-specific risk.

Alignment of interests

For three generations, the firm’s managers have invested alongside their clients. We believe this “practice what you preach” approach to investing fosters greater transparency and trust between the firm and its clients.

We invest according to the following principles:

  • High-quality companies positioned for sustainable, profitable growth.

  • Valuations matter. We only invest in companies if their valuations are attractive based on our perception of their intrinsic value.

  • Risk is not volatility, but rather the permanent loss of capital or long-lasting underperformance. Volatility creates opportunity.